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Incline Board Sit Ups

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Purpose of Exercise:



Lie on your back on an inlcine board with your head down, your knees bent to take the strain off your lower back, your feet hooked under the support strap or the pads, and your hands behind your head or on your hips.

Sit up, and try to bring your chin as close to your knees as possible.

Lower yourself back down, but don’t let your back touch the board.


Don’t create fast movement with this or any of the abs exercises. You really need concentration on your abs.


Exhale while your face comes near to your knees. (hold your breath for a moment here before you exhale)

Inhale while you lower your body.


The strictest way of doing this movement is with the hands behind the head. However, you can make the exercise easier – which can help you to get through a set when you are especially tired – by keeping your hands on your thighs or hips or extended out in front of you.



Holding a plate across your chest while doing Sit-Ups creates extra resistance for maximum abdominal strength and thickness.