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Dumbbell Kick Backs

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Purpose of Exercise:

Stand with knees bent, one foot in front of the other, putting your hand on the leading knee or a low bench for balance.

Take a dumbbell in the opposite hand, bend your arm and raise your elbow back and up to about your shoulder height, elbow close to your side and letting the dumbbell hang straight down below it.

Keeping your elbow stationary, press the weight back until your forearm is about parallel to the floor. Hold here for a moment and give the triceps an extra flex.

Then slowly come back to the starting position.

For added triceps development, twist your hand slightly as you lift the weight, bringing the thumb up, and twist back the other way as you come down.

Finish your set, then repeat the movement using the other arm.

Make sure that only your forearm moves in the exercise, not the upper arm.

This exercise can also be done with cable pulleys.

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