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The Shoulders

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The muscles of the Shoulders:

The Deltoids:
Slang: Delts
Nepalese Term: Shoulders

It is a large, three-headed, thick, triangular muscle which originates from the clavicle and the scapula at the rear of the shoulder and extends down to its insertion in the upper arm.

The Trapezius:
Slang: Traps
Nepalese Term: Neck

Looking at the shoulders:
Have you ever seen the old artists like Elvis Presley, Beatles and et., wearing coats with huge, padded shoulders and pinched waists, giving them an exaggerated “V” shape? Coincidentally, that is the shape that bodybuilding work very hard to develop and a significant part of this look is wide, fully developed shoulders.

Information: Steve Reeves was one of the first bodybuilder to develop the classic “V” shape.