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There is no such sport without a coach. There’s a person who is supporting untiringly since past 3 years. He has experienced my failures with me and provided me solid enthusiasm to stand as a winner again. He is the one who always pointed my weaknesses so that I can move to perfection on my physique. He is one of the founders and experienced exercise professionals of Fitness Nepal in Sydney and Nepal as well, Sanjeet Kumar Shrestha, a brother to me. I would like to thank him a millions through for his restless support in my career.
Date of Posting: 09 April 2014
Posted By: Chandra KC
Mr. Australia under 65 Kg, Sydney, Australia
For the last 2 years, I was training on my own, and recently for few months no matter how hard I trained, I wasn't getting any results. I had hit the plateau. My workout routine was boring. I needed some change and motivation to go to next level.
Then I met Sanjeet Shrestha, as a professional trainer, who knew exactly about my situation, and helped me achieve my goal. He tweaked my workout routine and added many variations like superset, tri-sets, giant sets, and many more. He also looked at my current eating habits and advised me to make some changes to create more effective meal plan. Following his customized workout routines and meal plans, within 4 weeks, I could see the results. My body fat was minimum, and I was more ripped than ever.
Personally, I found him very friendly, and helpful. He has immense knowledge about fitness. Not only does he help to achieve your fitness goals, but also brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge, and motivate both your body and your mind. I would highly recommend him to anyone, no matter what level you are in; you will only achieve so much with Sanjeet’s help.
Date of Posting: 25 March 2014
Posted By: Suman Limbu
Sydney, Australia
Being fit is not just about losing or gaining weight. Getting into good shape, gaining strength and physical flexibility is core to any fitness training. Being fit makes one feel good about Oneself, enable happier and more active life, and the list goes on. However, achieving proper fitness is quite challenging but achievable. It is not just one time activity, but a way of life that requires continuity and well synced diet plan. With all experience I can say the most difficult part is mental toughness; being patience and continuing with workouts and diet plan and most importantly keeping one’s motivation intact. Undeniably, good instructions and guidance from a professional fitness trainer helps to keep going. I have been working out for last two year. I am now in much better shape. Within a year I am planning to get into my dream shape. I am close to my objective and thanks to Fitness Nepal and my instructor, mentor and motivator Sanjeet Shrestha.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Bikesh Raj Upreti
We would always be appreciating your efforts in FITNESS and bodybuilding sector for our nation. Its great pleasure to have a proper place/centre for everything we want. Even though I have been in this field for 7-8 years only, I totally agree that bodybuilding is directly related to science and human body, which always needs to be updated timely.
In context of Nepal, there are plenty of entertainment, fashion and news websites, portals, blogs or even facebook pages but on fitness, it’s very rare and yet there is none of the fitness websites of Nepal. I think by publishing Fitnessnepal website, Sanjeet is doing a superb job that will help people to know about fitness & bodybuilding, how they can change their own physique and remain healthy. Fitnessnepal is the first and only fitness site of the nation.
Your online support for my fitness training is marvelous though we are very far. You have always been source of motivation and inspiration for me. Myself being a fitness trainer, I still feel I know nothing when I talk to you. In you I have seen another mentor of mine for my next body transformation. I am totally going with you. Please do always keep up the good work and will always respect you for your untiring fitness support. Hats off Fitness Nepal.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2013
Posted By: Anoj Shakya
Mr. Dharan, Dharan, Nepal
When I heard you are lunching website on bodybuilding I really feel proud. Now you are in Sydney, even though you have not forgotten to contribute on bodybuilding of Nepal. This makes me really happy and proud. As you know fitness is very important to human life. Without making fit body, you cannot function daily life. So, everybody should be aware to make a fit body. Yes, it is not necessary to build up big body, only sound and fit body will guide you for a longer life. But you have to be regular and discipline, without discipline you cannot be fit. Discipline includes correct and timely exercise, balance food, good rest and relaxation. Similarly we require some psycho-component factors such as positive motivation, self-confidence, and balanced emotion. If you have all those psycho qualities then no problem you be fit life long. So, once again good wishes for your courageous work and unforgettable contribution on bodybuilding.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2013
Posted By: Ramesh Khanal
1st Mr. Dharan, Mr. Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal
As a Fitness Lover, I am glad to see such an informative website for the first time in Nepal having great range of information on Fitness, Exercise, Bodybuilders of Nepal, Gyms and Fitness Centers. When Good things are done for the first time, it is always Iconic and I really feel, FitnessNepal.com is an Iconic website in the Bodybuilding and Fitness history of Nepal. I wish the team for the Best of Luck and waiting to see more information related to Fitness in Nepal.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2013
Posted By: Roshan Maharjan
Bodybuilder/Project Manager/DBA, jTechNepal Software Solutions, Lalitpur, Nepal
I know your knowledge, capacity and devotion in this field and you got enormous potential to do some new things in this field. I believe the Fitness Nepal’s Website will be very beneficial for all of us including new learners. I wish you all the best. Cheers!!!
Date of Posting: 28 July 2013
Posted By: Rajan Shrestha
Civil Engineer/Urban Planner
MR. Dharma Shree ( Wt.Category), Nepali

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